Craig Civil – Director Data Science and AI @ BSI (British Standards Institution)

The BSI team have partnered with Data Science Festival for 2 events in 2023, with plans for 3 more in 2024. Find out below how they have found the partnership!

On a day-to-day basis, what do the tech teams within your company or brand do?

My team has an innovation remit, with a focus on the applicability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the digital transformation of BSI. We design, build, test and evaluate use cases for AI. Examples include areas such as predictive analytics on our Assurance data and large language models on our content data.

What was your reason for wanting to partner with DSF?

BSI is expanding the Data Science capability so we used the DSF as a recruitment fair. We also want to spread the message that BSI is a great place to work for Data Scientists, quite unique in fact. Not only can BSI offer traditional Data Science roles in departments such as Marketing, but BSI has a leading role to play globally regarding the regulation of AI so we are able to offer roles that have a direct impact on ensuring the ethical use of AI.

How did working with DSF help with the above reason?

The DSF team offered to BSI a festival package that met our requirements in all aspects. We were able to have a well-positioned BSI Stand to attract interested delegates to speak to us about careers at BSI. We were part of a small group of companies so that enabled delegates to focus attention and have quality conversations. We were able to present on the main stage at a time of day that suited the BSI team. The festival organisation in the lead-up and on the day was well executed by the DSF team. We were able to follow up directly with delegates after the event. The overall package cost was within our event budget!

What do you think about the DSF Community and its diversity initiative?

The DSF community has proven to be a great place to raise the profile of BSI in a positive way, to a new diverse audience that I don’t think would ordinarily have considered BSI as a Data Scientist employer.

Did you hire anyone directly or indirectly from our partnership? Do you know how many people?

Yes, 2 Data Scientists.

Would you be able to share some feedback about working with DSF and what you enjoyed about it and how it added value?

See answer to Q.3 🙂 All of the BSI team involved with DSF enjoyed it and would recommend DSF.

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