Georgia Pickles – Employer Brand Manager @ Cleo

The Cleo team have partnered with Data Science Festival for 4 events since 2021. Find out below how they have found the partnership!

On a day to day basis, what do the tech teams within your company or brand do?

We have multiple tech teams at Cleo, ranging from Engineering, to Data Science, Analytics Engineering and Product Analytics.

We have members from each of these teams embedded within our squads. Each of our squads either own or are building financial products that help our users to improve their relationship with money.

We’re building savings, credit builder card and habits products, all of which ladder up towards our mission of helping people to live a life beyond their next pay check.

What was your reason for wanting to partner with DSF?

Cleo have had a relationship with Data Science Festival for a number of years now. It’s always a highlight in the calendar, as our data teams get the chance to showcase what they’ve been working on to an external audience.

We’ve found DSF to be great for building brand awareness within the data community, with multiple applications coming in following DSF each year. We love that the events facilitate us having real life conversations with some of the brightest people in the data community.

How did working with DSF help with the above reason?

Our data teams who have spoken at Data Science Festival have always come back with huge enthusiasm! They’ve spoken about coming off stage and being asked lots of questions by people who were in the audience, which is the great thing about the event, encouraging genuine connections between participants.

What do you think about the DSF Community and its diversity initiative?

We’ve found that the attendee list for DSF is always more diverse than other tech events we’ve attended. We have a shared vision with DSF, in that we are aiming for equal gender diversity within our tech teams.

Did you hire anyone directly or indirectly from our partnership? Do you know how many people?

We have had had multiple successful applicants off the back of Data Science Festival, with a few candidates reaching final stage interviews and even offer stage. Our speakers also met people at DSF who were already in our interview process, and were able to have valuable conversations that undoubtedly played a part in the candidate’s choice to join Cleo.

If you didn’t partner for hiring what other metrics did you use for success?

We’ve seen great success in using the Data Science Festival talk recordings in outreach to potential candidates. We find that video content is a great way to get people engaged and talking about Cleo, with many candidates mentioning that they’ve seen our teams talking at events like DSF.

We also measure LinkedIn impressions and engagement for any posts associated with the event too.

Would you be able to share some feedback about working with DSF and what you enjoyed about it and how it added value?

The DSF team are some of the most efficient and friendly event organisers we’ve come across! They’ll always go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met, and they are always clear with communication without over communicating.

Want to know more about how you can get involved in partnering with DSF? Click here to get in touch with a team member today.