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10 Aug 2021

Advanced SQL with Slawomir Tulski

In this session Slawomir Tulski expands on basic SQL concepts.

21 Jun 2021

Workshop: Building a Fashion Recommender Using Tensorflow/Keras

This talk introduces Recommendation Systems alongside TensorFlow2 and TensorFlow Serving.

08 Jun 2020

Advanced Feature Engineering Tips and Tricks

This training will give you a robust set of Tips and Tricks to get the most performance in the shortest time, regardless of the algorithm you choose.

16 Apr 2019

Building and Deploying Reproducible Machine Learning Pipelines

In this talk, we will discuss the steps and challenges involved in putting a machine learning model into production.

18 May 2018

Experiment Design with small sample sizes to deliver meals at scale

In this talk we will learn how Deliveroo use experiments with small sample sizes to efficiently deliver meals at scale!

02 May 2018

How to create business impact with Data Science

Machine learning and AI have transformed Deliveroo. In this talk, we share the case study of Deliveroo.

16 Jun 2017

How to Improve your Recommender System with Deep Learning

We want to go beyond the buzzword and share concrete examples of where deep learning has been successfully used.

10 May 2017

How to become a Kaggle #1: An introduction to model stacking

Marios Michailidis explains some of the considerations for running StackNet and show how they have used it to win Kaggle competitions and generate value for dunnhumby.

10 May 2017

The Elements of a Data Science career

Panel discussion on how to successfully build a Data Science career