April 8th-13th 2019


Join us April 2019 for the Annual Data Science Festival now in its third year. A week of free to attend Data Talks across London featuring top tech companies, over 2000 data enthusiasts and a chance to learn, grow, network and connect with the DSF community. Tickets go Live in February so until then click below to see our monthly 2019 Meetup events.

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- Maya Angelou


The Data Science Festival remains free to attend because of the forward thinking support of the UK's leading Data Science companies. Become a sponsor, click here for more information

  • Elsa Meserlian
  • Jared Conway
  • Ben Sowden
  • Sandi Conroy


6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
December 5th 2018. Join Data Science Festival London, in partnership with Deliveroo this December. The evening will consist of talks from logistics network balancing all the way to learning about the king experimentation platform. Those randomly selected and approved will then be e-mailed tickets for the event. If you do…
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
November 22nd 2018. Join Data Science Festival London, in partnership with Facebook. Lightning talks covering using AI for decision making, to topic modeling and building products with data. Following our talks will be a panel with all our speakers where you can ask questions and learn more about each topic…
6:30 pm-
9:00 pm
November 13th 2018. Real-time versus Batch Processing, Big Data versus Small Data: How two very different startups approached solving two very different ML use cases. It’s a tale of two start-ups delivering two very different data products: one working with small data to deliver real-time predictions, the other dealing in…
6:00 pm-
9:00 pm
October 30th 2018. Join us this month for an evening of computer vision. During the talks we'll cover the ability to apply image processing techniques, build deep learning models and deploy this insight in-batch, in-stream or at-the-edge and how this is enabling businesses to drive new insight from unstructured image…

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We believe information should be available for the community. Sharing knowledge from an open source perspective is the only way we can really evolve bigger ideas. We aim to inspire priligy dapoxetine people to use and push Data Science to new levels, to connect people and companies together to benefit humanity.
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