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21 Jun 2024

Build a RAG-powered chatbot that uses multi-modal embeddings to increase retrieval quality & consistency

Join us on Tuesday 23rd of July for an online webinar with Superlinked! Large Language Models (LLMs) predominantly create value for the business world through the RAG methodology. Even though most of the public’s attention is focused on the quality of text these models generate, I argue that developers can improve RAG performance much more […]

20 Jun 2024

Automating the s*** out of finance

Venue address: Alphabeta Building, 18 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AH Finance is one of the oldest industries in the world, but despite recent innovation, certain areas of finance still rely on archaic processes. Fixed income is a prime example — the debt capital markets behave like it’s still the 1980s, trading is manual, news takes […]

25 Apr 2024

Bringing AI to your Data

The world of data is rapidly evolving, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that a solid data strategy is essential for any successful AI initiative. Join us at the Data Science Festival to explore how a Central Data Platform can underpin your vision for AI and Generative AI. In this talk, we’ll demonstrate why Snowflake is […]

16 Apr 2024

Training for a more sustainable future

Our society is marked by inequalities, where opportunities are not equally distributed. Even when opportunities exist, some face more obstacles than others, hindering their ability to fully participate. Certain demographics, such as neurodiverse individuals, women, and those who have experienced displacement, encounter greater challenges in accessing the workforce. Consequently, much potential remains untapped. As our […]

28 Sep 2023

Deep Telematics at DLG: Connecting Cars to Neural Networks

Neural Networks have gone from academic curiosity to reviving hopes for Artificial Intelligence. It seems like every day brings another break through application. One part of this story is scale, another is design. Neural Networks have been able to bring machine learning to non-tabular datasets because they engineer their own features. While any data can […]

22 Sep 2023

Retrieval, search and knowledge in the age of LLM and Vector Databases

All tickets have now been allocated for this event and the ballot is now closed. We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday November 7th, 6 – 9PM GMT for our next Sandbox Session with Digitas – Retrieval, search and knowledge in the age of LLM and Vector Databases and Causal Modelling Agents: Augmenting […]

18 Sep 2023

Creating and building effective AI teams

Creating an AI Team is probably more of a minefield than creating AI itself! In this session, Tom Ewing talks about his experiences and the experiences of other in creating high performing AI teams

18 Jul 2023

Accelerating A/B Testing in the Real World

A/B testing has become a cornerstone of data-driven decision-making, but the focus on conducting experiments at scale is often overlooked. This talk aims to bridge the gap by addressing the challenge of accelerating A/B testing and significantly increasing the volume of experiments performed. Throughout the session, we will explore a range of methods and techniques […]

02 Nov 2022


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