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04 Dec 2023

Boost your AI projects with unknown data and unknown questions

Join Andy to dive into the intricacies of the data science lifecycle and learn how data products should be the connective tissue between data discovery, model development, and model deployment. Discover the key elements of a robust reference architecture for hybrid model deployment, ensuring seamless integration and scalability. Moreover, we’ll emphasize the transformative power of […]

23 Oct 2023

Retrieval, search and knowledge in the age of LLM and Vector Databases

Talk 1: Retrieval, search and knowledge in the age of LLM and Vector Databases.  A talk by Louis Dominique Vainqueur, Data Science Partner at Digitas. Since the release of ChatGPT late last year, the world has finally embraced vector embeddings and many organisations (from hedge funds to giant retailers) have been experimenting with vector databases. […]

11 Oct 2023

Data-Driven Decision Making for the Open Internet with The Trade Desk

Lightning talk 1: The Challenges of Engineering Data Science with Sunny Manoleva – Data Scientist and Software Engineer at The Trade Desk and Rory Graves – Staff Software Engineer, AI Lab at The Trade Desk All Data Science relies on Engineering to achieve its goals.  Engineering for Data Science is fundamentally different from traditional engineering.  […]

26 Sep 2023

Using Causal Inference to increase a FinTech’s Customer Acquisitions

This talk deep dives into a case-study of how causal techniques were used to increase the number of customers acqusitions at Mettle. Enhancing the customer onboarding journey is an important step for Mettle to meet our customer acquisitions targets. However during the journey, many applicants become disengaged and do not convert to being a customer. […]

22 Sep 2023

AI Literacy at M&S

With the very public advent of Generative AI the time has never been better for data scientists to engage with their business colleagues to demystify the hype and foster a collaborative roadmap for the future. M&S Data Science has partnered with the award-winning BEAM Academy team to provide AI events and the opportunity for the […]

22 Sep 2023

Causal Inference in Retail: An M&S story

Understanding consumer behavior when conducting any digital outreach campaign using mediums such as emails or mobile app push in an organization such as M&S is a non-trivial task. One must consider the various ways a customer might respond to an email campaign or an app push – they can either ignore, open, click, or unsubscribe, […]

22 Sep 2023

Integrating Computer Vision and NLP for Smart Property Tagging

In the world of property listings, while images and descriptions offer a wealth of information, they can be overwhelming to sift through. To streamline this, we’ve married Computer Vision with Natural Language Processing, introducing ‘smart tags’. These tags, such as “Sea view” and “Period Properties”, serve as quick highlights, ensuring users grasp the essence of […]

22 Sep 2023

Employing Computer Vision in Digital Asset Management

This talk will demonstrate how Haleon uses computer vision and cloud technology to manage its digital assets. Haleon is a world-leading consumer health company with a portfolio of product across the areas of oral health, pain relief, and digestion. As a market leader it holds a wealth of campaign material in its effort to bring […]

21 Sep 2023

Data Science in Economic Consulting: use cases in regulations, litigations, and more

The realm of economic consulting has been profoundly transformed by the integration of data science methodologies. In this talk, we delve into the dynamic landscape where data science intersects with economic consulting, with a specific focus on its applications in regulations, litigations, and competition economics. The evolving regulatory environment demands rigorous analysis and insights to […]