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24 Jul 2023

The Future of Digital Innovation: Emerging Tech Trends

Two Beer Ideas is a community of creators. From product design to founders to graphic and UX design. Come and join a community that thrives off of that spark of inspiration. Learn more here! This event will delve into the latest trends in technology such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, the metaverse, and more. We […]

29 Jun 2023

Spark at Scale: Engineering Strategies for Data Science Workflows

Improving the performance of problematic PySpark applications can often seem like a daunting task. In this talk, I will outline a strategy for tackling these projects, delving into a case study on the performance of our in-store availability reporting science, and how we have slashed runtimes in half.

21 Jun 2023

Legitimately Interesting

With the introduction of the GDPR in 2018 our experience of the internet changed. We began to see notices popping up, asking us for our ‘consent’ to share our personal data. But… What happens if you don’t consent? This presentation explains exactly what happens, why rejecting alone may not protect your privacy, and what you […]

12 Jun 2023

Unleashing WisePizza: Finding Unusual Segments in Your Data

Join us to explore WisePizza, a game-changing open source data exploration library designed to automate the discovery of intriguing data segments in multidimensional datasets. WisePizza provides functions to find and visualize segments that stand out from the norm. Unlock a world of possibilities with WisePizza: Enhanced Segment Insight: Gain deeper understanding of your data by […]

07 Jun 2023

Decision Dynamo: Using Data Science and experimentation to make quick and impactful decisions across FinTech at Monzo

We are thrilled to be running our first event with the great team at Monzo. Want to dive deeper into the world of Fintech? Join us in London on July 5th for an evening of tech talks, the chance to network with the community with refreshments provided. You’ll hear from Fintech industry experts of the […]

06 Jun 2023

This is how ethics will become part of your role as a data scientist

THIS TALK HAS NOT BEEN RECORDED In this presentation, I’ll introduce some ways to incorporate ethical thinking into the lifecycle of AI systems and the main frameworks to identify and manage the societal risks of AI. I’ll provide an overview of how regulations will change how we see Artificial Intelligence and why ethics will become […]

05 Jun 2023

Oh No! Not Another Data Grid!

In the age of data overload, it is difficult to build applications that make it easier for users to identify key trends and insights. However, with a lack of design experience or the need to fulfil the demand to deliver value quickly, many teams use data grids to present all data for users to consume. […]

05 Jun 2023

Graphs are everywhere

Graph databases and social graph Graph databases are the most scalable, high-performance way to query and store highly interconnected data. They help improve intelligence, predictive analytics, social network analysis, and decision and process management – which all involve highly connected data with lots of relationships. A relevant use case for graph databases is the social […]

05 Jun 2023

How to Build Value into Decision Making Machine Learning Models – And How to Articulate This Value to Other People – Even if You are a Beginner

This session will provide insight and tips on how to build interesting, useful and viable machine learning models – even if you don’t have much experience. The session will focus on how you can sell the value of your models so that stakeholders understand their value and insights – making YOUR skills more in demand! […]