In this session we will delve into understanding why it is so important to train virtual assistants and ensure that the data we are training them on is reliable. Virtual Assistants are an AI powered solution that can answer specific questions, make recommendations or even carry out tasks.

Virtual assistants can and do go wrong and we will provide some use cases around this. We will demo two differently trained virtual assistants and let them “battle it out”, demonstrating why training them is crucial!

They are everywhere: in our phones, on websites we interact with, and are used in companies to make our jobs easier. It seems like we just cannot stay away from them (whether it is our choice or not!) In this world we are coexisting with AI. In order to live together it requires trust and a depth of understanding on how the AI we interact with works.

By attending this session, you will gain an understanding of the key criteria for training a Virtual Assistant in addition to effectively understanding the use of AI in your daily life. Furthermore, we aim to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to share your expertise with others, promoting awareness and understanding of AI in Virtual Assistants.

Technical level: High Level/overview

Session Length: 40 minutes