Join this jam-packed session where Frank and Wahyudi will demonstrate why you and your organisation don’t need a Data Engineer to do Data Science, and let data engineers to data engineering!

Don’t believe us? Well you can see for yourself!  Data Management is one of the most important things that data scientists and data engineers do on a daily basis. Doing data management is not rocket science. However, it can feel like it sometimes. The old ways of doing data management are highly complex, and it still takes a lot of time before data professionals can consolidate, process, and clean all their data so that it is in a usable form.

It no longer has to be that way. In this session, you will find out how using a low-code, no code tool can free up your time, allowing you to focus on the tasks that are actually meaningful to you. By making the complex simple and automating all that can be automated, our goal is to free up millions of human hours that can be used to execute on what matter most.

In just 45 minutes, you’ll see:
– How to extract and save data
– How to quickly and easily integrate and model data, with drag-and-drop data modelling and automated ETL workflows.
– How to prepare your data in a Modern Data Warehouse
– How TimeXtender can be used to generate reports and visualisations with any front end tool
– How other organisations have improved their data management processes and drive better business outcomes.

With TimeXtender, you’ll get reduced time-to-insight, improved data accuracy and consistency, and increased efficiency and productivity. Not to mention flexibility and scalability, which allows it to be used by organisations of all sizes and across a range of industries.

Technical level: Technical practitioner