Join us on March 23rd in partnership with TimeXtender. We have a packed lunch time session planned for you, where you’ll learn how to take raw data to curated data in under 90 minutes.

Data Management is one of the most important things that data scientists and data engineers do on a daily basis. Doing data management is not rocket science. However, it can feel like it sometimes. The old ways of doing data management are highly complex, and it still takes a lot of time before data professionals can consolidate, process, and clean all their data so that it is in a usable form.

Well, it no longer has to be that way. In this session, you will find out how using a low-code, no code tool can free up your time, allowing you to focus on the tasks that are actually meaningful to you. And not just that, you’ll find out how blazing fast it is to connect Apache Spark, Databricks, and TimeXtender. Through getting the raw data from the data lake, and getting the curated data from the data warehouse to provide business insights to users, so you can make confident, data-driven decisions.

By making the complex simple and automating all that can be automated, our goal is to free up millions of human hours that can be used to execute on what matter most.


– How to Extract and Save Data
– How to Prepare Your Data in a Modern Data Warehouse
– Automate and Seamlessly Integrate with any Front End Tool
– Take curated data from the MDW so you can make confident, data-driven decisions

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