Getting on the Housing Ladder and Building the World’s Largest Database of Accessibility Information by John Lim & Matt McCann

Title: Empowering Disadvantaged Communities to Escape the Rent Trap Through Data

Speaker: John Lim of District 34

Abstract: The cost of shelter – a basic human necessity – has spiralled in the last few decades, fuelled by a generation who saw property investment as financially and morally good. Covid-19 has exposed the devastating impact this has had on the have-nots, and the financial plight of key workers whose landlords do not accept hand-clapping as payment. District 34 is focused on lowering the barriers to entry for homeownership using geospatial data, and is on a mission to help people who have been locked out of the housing market to reclaim their fundamental human right of long-term, sustainable shelter.

Title: Building the World’s Largest Database of Accessibility Information

Speaker: Matt McCann of Access Earth

Abstract: From crowd sourcing to AI and everything in between. How we gather, aggregate and distribute accessibility information for both users and customers in both the sports and smart cities space.

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