In just over 100 years our understanding of reality, nature and the world about us, has transited from the simple, linear and causal, to the complex, non-linear, and confounding. As a species we now understand something of the scale of the problems we face and the limitations our innate abilities. In addition, our mathematical and digital computing frameworks do not scale to match the challenges of climate change, global warming, or the economics of sustainability.

‘Quantum Computing is analogue/probabilistic and not digital’

The stark reality is; We will never understand the human brain, the true nature of cancer, chemistry, biology, life, and the complexities of the environment using today’s tools. Building bigger and better digital computers does not scale to meet these challenges, and is untenable in the longer term! For sure, AI can help us formulate new enlightenments, but it still isn’t enough. We occupy a quantum universe that cannot be decoded and understood by us or our linear machines, no matter how many or how big! A Quantum universe demands Quantum Computers to realise deep understandings.

‘Quantum Computers will not replace our digital computers’

In this multi-media talk we open the ‘quantum kimono of reality’ to explain the what, how, and when, of Quantum Machines and the implications for the future.

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