Gousto is a large meal-kit company which is scaling rapidly. Our objective is to become the UK’s most-loved way to eat dinner. In order to do this we have to grow a state-of-the-art supply chain including forecasting, planning, factories, operations and logistics. Data scientists at Gousto accomplish this in three key ways: by using simulation and experimentation to add evidence to our decision making, and quickly improve our algorithms; by building data products with huge scalability and long-term maintenance as central considerations; and by considering the big picture as well as low-level details to discover low-hanging fruit for optimisation.

Join us for four lightning talks (listed below) with a Q&A from our panel of speakers.

  1. Effective data science at scale, using evidence-based product design, backtesting, and parallel systems – all in the context of building a multi-objective optimisation system for routing orders to fulfilment centres.
  2. How Gousto Supply DS plans to move from optimising purely for capacity, to optimising for a wider range of operational objectives to better serve our customers and the business.
  3. How we simulate the weekly operation of our supply chain in order to investigate future scenarios that we are expecting to find ourselves in.
  4. How we use simulation to model the inner workings of our factories, and how that allows us to embed data into our operational decision making even when we aren’t able to run physical experiments.