Talk 1: Yu-Lan Scholliers – Head of product at Checkstep

From Swipe to Safety: Trust & Safety for Authentic Online Connections

Delve into the intricacies of safeguarding online dating, explore the rising impact of generative AI on user safety and discover how the interdisciplinary approach of Trust & Safety effectively counters online harms.

Talk 2: Sasha Haco, Co-founder and CEO at Unitary

Love and Robots: Filtering cheeky from toxic with AI content moderation

In this talk, Sasha Haco, co-founder and CEO of Unitary, will delve into the huge challenge of effective content moderation, and explore the pivotal role context-aware AI can play in addressing it. She’ll discuss Unitary’s approach to innovation and how AI can effectively distinguish harmful content through the context in which it appears, allowing genuine connections to thrive while swiftly swiping left on harmful interactions.

Talk 3: Namrata Haribal, Data Scientist on Integrity and Safety at Bumble

How Bumble Inc’s open source Private Detector™ is helping make the internet safer  for women

At Bumble our aim is to make the internet a safer, kinder place for everybody. We saw an opportunity to further that aim by addressing the issue of sending unsolicited lewd photos. We developed and open-sourced Private Detector, an AI-powered tool that detects and blurs lewd images and sends a warning to users before they open it, so that we could enable not only ourselves but also the wider tech community to safeguard people from cyberflashing. In this talk, we’ll dive into the journey of Private Detector: what it is, how we built it, and why we open-sourced it.

Followed by a panel discussion with Yu-Lan Scholliers (Head of product at Checkstep), Sasha Haco (Co-founder and CEO at Unitary), and Namrata Haribal (Data Scientist on Integrity and Safety at Bumble), hosted by William Fletcher (Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Bumble). 

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