Dr Marie Oldfield, CStat, CSci, FIScT, is the CEO of Oldfield Consultancy and Senior Lecturer
at LSE. Marie is a recognised, published AI and Ethics Expert with a background in Mathematics and Philosophy. Marie is a trusted advisor to Government, Defence, and the Legal Sector amongst others. Marie works at the forefront of Ethical AI, driving improvement and development.

Marie is Founder of the IST Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Group and Founder of the
IST Women in Tech group. Marie was invited to the Executive Board of the Institute of
Science & Technology, to be an Expert Fellow for Sprite+ and a member of the College of
Peer Reviewers for Rephrain.

Marie is frequently invited to speak on popular podcasts, panels and at conferences about
her experience and research on the development of Ethics in AI. Marie was recently invited
to speak at Chatham House on AI and Ethics issues.

Marie is passionate about giving back to the global community through extensive pro bono
work, with a focus on ethical AI, education, poverty, children and mental health.