Lydia’s story begins on the trading floor of an investment bank, where she realised building models of companies was much more interesting than trading. From there an analytics career blossomed, using data to understand businesses and make better decisions.

In her role as Head of Analytics at Stuart Lydia identifies the most important challenges for Stuart’s UK business and designs data driven solutions for them. Recent projects include identifying the drivers of delivery costs and recommending cities for the business to expand into.

Lydia believes that charities should have access to the same data driven insights as businesses. Lydia is a director of the Stemettes, who inspire and support girls, young women and non-binary young people in STEM and is on the Scoping Committee for DataKind who help charities, local government, and social enterprises to use data science.

Having graduated with a 1st in Maths from Oxford University, Lydia has held data and analytics roles at Ocado, GHGSat, and Meta (Facebook).

In these roles Lydia has designed and implemented an experimentation process, forecast company growth, planned a warehouse, defined customer segmentations, reduced missing items by two thirds, and built a product from scratch, project managing and leading the data work.