Veronika Belokhvostova is a Director of Data Science at Facebook. In this role she oversees Integrity and Social Impact teams in the US and Europe. Integrity teams focus on protecting 3B Facebook users from hate speech, terrorism propaganda, harassment, account compromise, election interference and other Community Standards violations through sophisticated algorithms and support tools. Social Impact teams build tools that enable millions of Facebook users to do good, such as volunteer and raise funds for non-profits.

Before Facebook, Veronika spent over a decade leading analytics efforts at other companies. She was the VP of Analytics at Hotwire (Expedia Inc), led an elite analytics and strategy team focused on projects sponsored by the company’s President at PayPal (eBay Inc.), and led litigation-focused analyses as part of the Deloitte Economic Consulting Group. Veronika graduated from Stanford with a BA with Honors in Economics and a minor in Computer Science. She holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

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