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20 Nov 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Amardeep Sirha

Amardeep Sirha is the Co-Founder and Head of Technology, at amarti – a leading UK-based technical consultancy ..

02 Nov 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Mark Eltsefon

Mark joined Gelato as a senior data scientist in 2023, where he is fully dedicated to fostering a culture of experimentation and embracing a data-driven approach…

02 Oct 2023

Speaker spotlight – Ben Byford

Ben Byford has spent 15 years designing, developing talking, teaching and writing on technology subjects…

24 Aug 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Daniel Harrington

My name is Daniel Harrington and I am a Senior Data Consultant currently working for Mesh-AI – I have been in the industry for around 3.5 years…

10 Aug 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Ollie Frost

Ollie is a Lead Big Data Engineer at ASOS supporting the AI platform, spending the majority of his day building robust data pipelines that scale…

01 Aug 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Dr Marie Oldfield

Marie is a recognised, published AI and Ethics Expert with a background in Mathematics and Philosophy. Marie is a trusted advisor to Government, Defence, and the Legal Sector amongst others. Marie works at the forefront of Ethical AI, driving improvement and development…

25 Jul 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Fabio Pulvirenti

I am an impact-oriented and passionate Data Scientist. Active from 2017 after a PhD in Data Science…

07 Jul 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Ali Sezer

Ali is a Solutions Architect, Retail Lead – Databricks. Highly dedicated and passionate computer scientists with 7+ years of experience in the field…

30 Jun 2023

Speaker Spotlight – Yu-Lan Scholliers

I’m Yu-Lan, Head of Product at Checkstep, a Trust & Safety content moderation and compliance solution to help online platforms keep their communities…