A sweet and sour CRM Platform Migration: the Data Engineering journey and the value unlocked for Data Science by Carmela Brook & Rita Figueiredo

Our vision is to be the UK’s most loved way to eat dinner. We plan to do this by focusing on the customers, ensuring we build a compelling product that understands their needs. Besides our digital product, to interact with our customers we use a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) service provider so we can reach out when and where relevant with personalised and engaging messages. Powered by this vision, we have migrated our CRM tooling to Braze, enabling us to personalise, test, and send cross-channel messaging centralised in one system, and create the right infrastructure to future-proof our CRM needs.

To achieve our goals of having a low latency single view of the customer it became apparent a cross-functional approach was needed. This is the first operational system the Data Platform team provides data to and with a strict deadline to decommission Salesforce there were inevitable learnings to come from it. This talk will go into some of these learnings in more detail, the road to implementation and how it’s paved the way for collaboration with Data Science and future reverse ETL use-cases.

Offer Optimisation is a Data Science algorithm that tailors the offers on a personal level. In this talk we’ll explain how this algorithm learns what is the most relevant offer for each customer through customers’ history, as well as go through how the migration to a new CRM platform unlocked new power for Offer Optimisation – from the way we productionised it, to allowing a broader channel mix.

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