Developing and deploying APIs is often seen as a complex and time-consuming task to take on. By utilising the world of API management systems, such as IBM API Connect, it doesn’t have to be an unnerving experience (and it can be quite the opposite)! Previously, deploying an API would’ve required multiple applications to approach the task. Now with all-in-one solutions, not only can we develop and deploy our APIs in one system – but we can handle all management of the APIs in the same environment. This includes securely managing access to the API and to the deployment of the API. On top of this, one can handle the lifecycle of the API in the same system, upgrading the version safely without leaving those on a previous version without support. In this session we’ll dive into the world of API management; making use of IBM API Connect to deploy an API, manage access to it securely and then performing an upgrade to the API. With these cohesive demos, we’ll utilise real-life examples with a goal of providing you with your first steps in API development and management!

Technical level of session: Introductory level/students (some technical knowledge needed)