This session, hosted by Ben Byford, covers 4 lightning talks, followed by a Q&A panel discussion. 

Traditional Ethics for Alternative Data (Sophie Shawdon)
As data-driven thinking becomes the norm, how do you stand out from the crowd? In this talk, Sophie will cover some of the ways alternative data is changing the world for good, the examples to avoid, and how to hold onto your morals in this brave new world.

Ethical Innovation for Responsible Tech (Olivia Gambelin)
With the demand for ethics in tech growing, the importance of understanding how to navigate ethical innovation and the benefits it provides is vital. Join Olivia, founder of Ethical Intelligence, as she explores ethical principles and frameworks through current use cases, covering the importance of critical thinking in the development cycles of responsible tech.

Building debiasing toolkits (Raluca Crisan)
For the past year and a half at ETIQ we’ve been building a tool to help identify and mitigate bias in automated decisions systems. This is the story of our approach and pitfalls we’ve encountered along the way.

Ethics considerations for AI monitoring in the post-COVID workplace (Steph Locke)
We’re now facing a new workplace norm – eventually! – of needing to monitor temperatures, social distancing, and other health and safety measures. Doing this using AI in a way that’s ethical and maintains compliance with data privacy regulations is vital. In this quick talk, we look at the use cases and the considerations.

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