In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses must rely on digital marketing to drive growth. As a result, it is crucial for companies like ASOS to be able to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns, and answer questions such as: “How many additional sales and orders has my Google Ads campaign generated?”, or “Did my Facebook advertisement attract any new customers?”.

While A/B tests are regarded as the gold standard to determine causality, they can present technical challenges that make them difficult to implement in the context of online advertising. When evaluating an A/B test, advertisers should have control over who can see their ad and be able to track their metric of interest. This can be problematic for advertisers who rely on third parties to serve and track the ads shown to their customers. Geo-experimentation has proved to be a promising alternative to these challenges while still providing the rigor of traditional A/B testing. This approach, which uses geographical regions as units rather than individuals, allows for more complex test designs and additional tooling to help marketers answer important questions.

At ASOS, we have developed a geo-experimentation framework that allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and accurately determine the incremental impact they led to in terms of key metrics such as sales, orders, and visits. To support our marketing teams in this end-to-end process, we have built an in-house dashboarding tool which allows them to design, run and measure geo-experiments across 11 different markets and 7 different channels subject to their business requirements like budget, control-group size, or test power.

In this presentation, we will walk you through the different parts of our geo-experimentation framework, sharing the techniques we use and the results we have achieved. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of geo-testing and how it can help improve digital marketing measurement strategies.

Technical level: Introductory level/students (some technical knowledge needed)