In this three part online presentation we will describe the world of retail media, with its different channels and their associated particularities. We will then take you through different challenges: from measurement to attribution and optimisation. These will be covered with a media use case in mind, however the science behind them can be used for many other applications.

Talk 1: ‘Retail media fundamentals’ Presenter: Rajat Kumar

Rajat will take you on a whistlestop tour of retail media: What do we mean by it? What are the different channels? What are the jobs for science to address? How do we measure its effectiveness?

Talk 2: ‘Media budget optimisation’ Presenter: Arya Akhil

How does a company decide how much budget to allocate to each media channel? Arya will take you through how we can use simple linear programming techniques to start tackling this question.

Talk 3: ‘Modelling the growing complexity of modern marketing’ Presenters: Ankit Saxena & Amit Kanderi

Sometimes things are a bit more complex: media channels interact with each other, response to media is time lagged or follows non-linear relationships… Ankit and Amit will give you a glimpse of the work our R&D teams do by taking you through the science we use for tackling some of these problems, including concepts such as: Marketing Mix Modelling, Causal Analysis to automate feature selection or SHAP for model explainability.

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