This session, hosted by Vijay Bhopal, covers 4 lightning talks, followed by a Q&A panel discussion. 

What should I do? The largest levers on climate change (Laurence Watson)

Data Centres, Energy, Sustainability & Climate Change (John Booth)
A quick overview of a data centre, and the energy, sustainability and climate changes issues they are facing.

Plan A’s data-driven approach in supporting decarbonisation efforts in companies (Lubomila Jordanova)
How can companies go on the path of decarbonisation? In this talk Lubomila, CEO & Co-Founder of Plan A will share more about their automated software that helps companies calculate, monitor and reduce their emissions.
5:34. The talk will include practical advise on how companies get start working on their sustainability strategy and reduce their emission significantly.

Leveraging data for eco-conscious behaviour change (Brittany Salas)
The applications of data driven solutions to the climate crisis can support the process by which individuals gain a greater understanding of their personal role in the climate crisis. Global emissions must drop to 50% by 2030 and another 50% by 2040 in order to achieve the net-zero emissions goals to keep the international community in line with the 1.5 degree limit set out by the IPCC Paris Agreement. While top down solutions to climate change like investment into leapfrog cleantech and regulatory changes are absolutely necessary these decisions can only be carried out by those who understand their individual role in the climate crisis. Not to mention, these changes need to take place at an unprecedented speed in order to achieve any sort of mitigation. The likelihood of achieving this goal will be greatly increased if individuals are incentivized to care for the climate out of a sense of personal well-being.

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