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This event will delve into the latest trends in technology such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, the metaverse, and more. We will discuss how these innovations can be incorporated into new business ideas or used to improve existing ones.

Join us for a lunch and learn style event featuring 4 panelists from the industry.

This is event will be hosted by David Loughlan 

Panel Members:

Daniel Hulme – CEO / Chief AI Officer @ Satalia / WPP

Daniel is a globally recognized AI expert with 20+ years academic and industrial experience in applied AI. He’s the Chief AI Officer @ WPP, CEO @ Satalia, faculty member @ SingularityU, and Entrepreneur-in-residence @ UCL. Daniel is a serial TEDx speaker and prolific keynote. He is a key contributor on the Future of Work and is passionate about how technology helps govern organisations and can bring positive social impact.


Tanya Suárez – Founder @ IoT Tribe & CEO @ BluSpecs

Founder of IoT Tribe, an equity-free tech ecosystem builder that brings start-ups and corporates together to do business with hubs in London/Barnsley- Industrial Tech, Singapore- Deeptech and Madrid-Space tech. We are proud partners of Singapore’s Global Innovation Alliance that brings outstanding Singaporean companies to the UK to scale through partnerships.

Tara Annison – Head of Product @ Twinstake

Tara Annison heads up product for Twinstake, an institutional staking as a service provider, and has worked in product for a number of crypto startups over the last 8 years. She is the author of The Bitcoin ABC Book and creator of The Game Against Cryptocurrency and the world’s first Crypto Advent Calendar.

Vanessa Julia Carpenter – Chief Innovation Officer @ Gagarin, Founder and Designer @ Kintsugi Design

Dr. Vanessa Julia Carpenter is the Chief Innovation Officer at Gagarín, an Icelandic experience design studio which has 28 years experience creating immersive, engaging, interactive exhibitions in museums and visitor centers. Here, Vanessa is co-creating, a climate change educational suite in VR. Using her 20 years experience in industry and her PhD in Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products from AAU, Copenhagen, she challenges the status quo and explores how to facilitate personal and interpersonal self development in our technological futures. Vanessa believes in being a catalyst for change and has launched the Nordic network, “Women in Hardware”; writes for and Greater Spaces at; is a member of the Danish Design Council and is founder and designer at Kintsugi Design, a design studio specializing in hardware, femtech, and creating robust futures.


Topics covered in this panel:


How AI/ML is transforming the business landscape, and what potential it holds for future innovation.

What emerging technologies should startups and digital builders be aware of and why.

How is the blockchain technology evolving, and what opportunities does it present outside of cryptocurrency.

How can businesses leverage IoT for improved efficiency and customer experience.

What potential does AR/VR hold for enhancing digital experiences, and how can businesses begin to explore these technologies.

How is the shift towards remote work and digital collaboration influencing the development of new tech tools.

What are some unexpected industries or areas of life that emerging tech might revolutionise in the coming years?

How do you foresee emerging tech trends impacting the job market and required skill sets in the next decade.

How can businesses balance the adoption of new technologies with concerns around privacy and data security.

Case studies of companies successfully implementing an emerging technology and the impact it had on their business.