Where science meets art – How ML can improve customer experience and engagement by Cedric Fotso Deffo & Lloyd Green

PART 1: Customer Engagement – where science meets art. Customer Engagement might seem like a buzz phrase. Most companies today believe that understanding and measuring engagement is important, but there is no standard definition or concept of what engagement β€œis” and it can mean different things to different organisations. This talk discusses why measuring engagement is important, and the approach that Compare the Market has taken to define it- balancing the science of quantifying the importance of customer interactions, with the art of incorporating domain knowledge and interpretability.

PART 2: The neighbourhood bills calculator. Improving customer experience through data has always been a top priority for Compare The Market. As an industry leader, Compare The Market closely follows emerging trends and has been investing in AI/ML for some time now, building ML products to address various pain points. The neighbourhood bills calculator is an example of how machine learning can be leveraged to improve customer experience across multiple customer touchpoints and have a direct impact on customer outcomes.

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