We’re currently experiencing an AI gold rush. Billions are being invested. AI startups abound. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are duking it out for AI supremacy. Corporations are scrambling to ensure they adopt AI ahead of their competitors while looking over their shoulder at startups. The question is who is going to make money in this new frontier. Weaving in real-world use cases and case studies of AI that show how value is being created across industries and functions, this session will explain the different players and how they will find gold or hit pay dirt in this boom.

Topics include:

– Who’s got the best AI optimized chips and chipsets?

– Whose AI platform and infrastructure services will be the most widely used?

– Whose AI and cognitive algorithms and tools will dominant?

– Which AI solutions will be used in the enterprise?

– Which vendors are powering vertical AI B2B industry solutions?

– Which organizations, companies, and industries are using AI for economic gain?

– What AI-driven startups will disrupt the incumbent corporates?

– Which countries are going to capture the most value from AI? The audience is for anyone

– Non-technical team leads, executives to entrepreneurs to PE / VC to AI technical practitioners

– Who are looking to understand the complex AI industry.

-For data scientists who are thinking about founding or joining a start-up it will be particularly relevant.