Although Artificial Intelligence and in particular Machine Learning has been in the works for five decades it is only over the course of the past decade that AI/ML has emerged as one of the promising technology influencing a number of area of our day-to-day life (autonomous driving, recommendation systems, robotics, neuroscience, vision). The world of telecommunication and the Internet is not an exception. Machine Learning have been used in a number of areas such as network optimization, security, wireless and now The Predictive Internet.

That being said, telling what is real and deployed at large scale from pure “buzz” is hard to tell. In this talk, we will share a 10 year journey deploying ML technologies for the Internet revealing what worked and what did not. Several technologies and architectures will be discussed in light of actual use cases, implementations and through the lens of actually results.

The presentation will conclude with one of the most promising areas of ML/AI: The Predictive Internet .. Is that really possible?