Marina Theodosiou is the Founding Chief Data Scientist at, a cutting-edge Financial Technology startup with operations across the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and the Netherlands, and an imminent launch in the United States. She holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Operational Research, and Economics from the University of Warwick, UK, and a PhD in Econometrics and Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College London.

Marina has dedicated most of her career to developing automated decision engines for credit and fraud detection, making significant contributions to various FinTech startups in London. Her expertise lies in creating sophisticated machine learning models and robust data-driven solutions that enhance financial decision-making processes.

At, Marina leads a team of skilled AI, ML, and engineering professionals. She has been instrumental in building and refining the company’s decision engine system, which underpins their product offerings and supports over 100 integrations with merchant partners.