Ian Ashmore is Senior Data Scientist at Cap-HPI. He earned his PhD. from the University of Leeds in theoretical astrophysics (magnetohydrodynamics) and prior to that had become the first physics undergraduate at Leeds to have their master’s project published in reputable academic journals.

In a previous life, he was a sponsored snowboarder, snowboard coach and team manager, where he travelled extensively to mountain ranges worldwide. He has also worked in technical product development and gained experience as a published journalist and photographer (for e.g. The Guardian), run a small clothing business and undertaken ad-hoc data science and analytical projects for snowboard companies and political parties amongst others.

Nowadays he is working on a Natural Language Processing project to correctly identify vehicles using only online advert text, in multiple languages. This work encompasses neural networks, word vector embeddings, neural machine translation, convolutional layers, imbalanced classification tasks, GPU computing and Markov chains.

Ian thinks in calculus and writes in Python. When not coding, he enjoys hanging out with his son, going snowboarding/skateboarding and making things.