Leonel is a Data Scientist with 10+ years’ experience in business intelligence and analytics. His north star is to help businesses grow by the means of data and science. He has been a Marketing Science Partner at Facebook for the last 5 years in Buenos Aires, Dublin, and Madrid. Focusing on helping digital native advertisers improve their marketing investments and media mix through scientific measurement methods. In his pre-Facebook life, he worked with Gaming, Travel, Financial Services, and retail industries, A/B testing product features, marketing, and revenue management initiatives, as well as, building classification and predictive models which could be used by product and marketing teams to increase users LTV. He is mostly used to SQL and R, but he knows intermediate python. Has also worked with SPSS in the past. He is one of the founders of Project Robyn who had the idea to help democratise MMM access and brought it to the hackathon.

The code is available via our microsite: https://facebookexperimental.github.io/Robyn/