Join us on Feb 23rd for our next Online DSF Sandbox Session. Our panel of 4 experts will discuss the future of AI and ethics and explore AI visibility and transparency. This panel will be hosted by Ben Byford and takes place from 1-2:30 PM GMT. This event will feature some lightning talks followed by a panel where you can ask our panelists any questions you may have. 

Some key points from the session:

  • Does AI visibility equate to transparency? Why does it matter?
  • Misuse of Personal Information, misinformation and deep fakes.
  • Emerging ethical dilemmas in science and technology.
  • What do we mean by AI visibility from a user vs company perspective.
  • What impact does it have on society and the future.
  • Laws, legislation, transparency, and explainability.
  • How can we enable users to go beyond transparency and interact with it?
  • How do we approach designing user experiences with AI in mind?

Our Panel:

Ben Byford, Consultant, EthicalbyDesign and Podcaster, Machine Ethics Podcast

Dr Marie Oldfield, Director, Oldfield Consultancy –  AI, Ethics, Coders and Society

Alex Joseph, Staff Data Scientist, Logically

Alice Thwaite, Founder, Hattusia and Senior Lead for Ethics at OMG and OmniGOV

Sophia Davies, Innovation Strategist, Boston Consulting Group

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