This session, hosted by David Loughlan, covers 4 lightning talks, followed by a Q&A panel discussion. 

The Modern Data Scientist (Clemence Burnichon)
Over the past 5 years, the role of data scientist has evolved for better or for worse. During this short talk I will walk you through what being a data scientist at Depop means.

Guidelines for Building a Personal Data Science Career Path (Dr. Amin Jamalzadeh)
In this talk, I will suggest a series of guidelines to assist you in making this roadmap, and shape your data science career; whether you are in the early stages or have been at this field for a while with the aim to steer your career path more carefully moving forward.

Advancing your Career: Going beyond the technical (Tamara Castelli)
During this talk, I will give you guidance on the essential skills that complement your technical expertise to advance your data science careers and get yourself noticed by Data Science hiring managers.

Balance when building a data science team (Fergus Weldon)
In this brief talk I will share my approach to building a data science team which aligns it’s capabilities to the mission of the business.

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