It starts with a water-skiing elephant: Data at the forefront of cyber insurance by Kundai Zimbiti & Ryan Jones from CFC

Every insurance product is born when a trailblazer is doing something brand new, with too much financial risk for one person to bear. Whether it’s shipping in the 1700s, putting an elephant on water-skis in the 50s or cyber insurance in the 90s, it usually starts with a conversation at Lloyds of London. As insurance products mature, higher volume and fidelity data is used. Think of the vast amount of health data applied to life insurance calculations. CFC’s primary insurance product is cyber, which is on this maturity journey. Kundai Zimbiti (CFC lead data scientist) and Ryan Jones (CFC Insight, big data collection team) will take you through how we are collecting and applying data to ensure CFC maintains its position at the forefront of cyber insurance.