Understanding consumer behavior when conducting any digital outreach campaign using mediums such as emails or mobile app push in an organization such as M&S is a non-trivial task. One must consider the various ways a customer might respond to an email campaign or an app push – they can either ignore, open, click, or unsubscribe, the latter being undesirable and comes with an associated cost to the company.

On the other hand, it’s also critical to understand the incremental impact on a customer’s lifetime value (CLV) as an M&S customer as they shop more in a category. For example, the incremental impact on CLV from a customer making an additional visit in womenswear. With this information, we can provide a customer with personalised experiences that aim to generate long-term value for a customer’s engagement with M&S.

In our talk we would like to show how we use Causal Inference in M&S to understand the problems described above and reduce unsubscribe rate as well as compute customer lifetime value.

Technical Level: Technical practitioner